Centennial was founded in Denver Colorado on April 1st, 1993; starting primarily as a marketer of propane by rail in the western United States.  By 1996 Centennial had moved into butane marketing and had expanded to nationwide coverage.  Over the course of the next decade, Centennial continued to expand its footprint and offerings, which lead to being the first acquisition of High Sierra MLP in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Centennial expanded north opening the Calgary, AB office in 2006.  NGL Energy Partners purchased High Sierra MLP in 2009 and Centennial Energy, LLC resides in the NGL EP portfolio.  Throughout the years, Centennial has continued to expand their reach in an effort to support their supplier’s and customer’s needs.  Although railcar business has been the consistent backbone, the company was on the forefront of truck to rail transloading of crude and NGLs, and has pivoted to extensive rail to truck transloading for the ever growing gasoline blending business.  While ownership has changed over Centennial’s 30+ years in the industry, the Centennial team remains solely focused on what is our driving force: our customers.  Thank you for your continued support and business!